"There are not enough words to express the הכרת הטוב I have for all you have done. All the planning, organizing, shelping, and  sleepless nights paid off.  [My daughter] had an amazing experience. She pushed her limits, met her challenges, and grew from it. 


I loved receiving the email updates and seeing the spectacular pictures along the way. I especially loved seeing the big smile on [my daughter]'s face and hearing the smile in her voice..."

A.S., mother


T.K., mother

"My daughter had a wonderful time. An experience of a lifetime!"

"Not only were they the best two weeks of my life, but I got to become so close with so many new people who all became like family to me! Yifei Nof was the experience of a lifetime that I will definitely never forget!!"

T.G., camper


"It was a beyond incredible and amazing experience for the girls last summer!!"

B.K., mother

"I had the time of my life with Yifei Nof! From the traveling experiences to the learning, I gained so much from my Yifei Nof family. Get psyched for the adventure of your life!"

D.L., camper

TWW-BECCA-245-AUG18 (2).jpg

C.R., camper

"Yifei Nof was such an incredible experience for me! I was looking for a fun summer program where I could be a camper, meet new people, and have an incredible camp experience. That is exactly what Yifei Nof was. It helped me grow as a person in so many different ways that still stick with me today! I made true friendships that I think will last a lifetime."


D.H., camper

"I came to Yifei Nof unsure what to expect, and WOW was my mind blown! In only two weeks, I traveled to places I have never even dreamed of seeing, met new friends, and learned about the world and people around me. Yifei Nof was an experience I’ll never forget!"