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Journey outward
Venture inward

Explore your inner world while exploring the wonders of Hashem's world

Both sessions are now full!
Any current applicants will be placed on a waiting list.


Summer 2024 session 1:

Summer 2024 session 2:

Where (session 1):

Where (session 2):

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Get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

Yifei Nof gives frum teenage girls entering 10th, 11th and 12th grades a chance to experience the iconic natural wonders of the United States while discovering their internal strengths.  Explore within and without, make lasting friendships, and have fun on the ultimate adventure trip.

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Yifei Nof is based in two sprawling properties with full amenities.  Spend the first week centrally located in Utah and the second week based in Idaho.  Our locations were chosen for their proximity to National Parks and for their natural beauty.  As a bonus, the girls will enjoy a night of glamping in covered wagons!


Davening, learning, singing, inspiration and growth. 

Discover Hashem's hand in every aspect of nature.  Be inspired through shiurim and workshops led by experienced mechanchos. Build meaningful relationships with like-minded girls.


Hiking, jeeping, canyoneering, caving, horseback-riding, rodeo, star-gazing,

and more.

Push beyond your comfort-zone and discover your hidden strengths.  Outrageous fun, team-building activities, and life-long lessons are all part of the package deal.


What's in store...

Wade through the Narrows of Zion. Kayak in pristine waters. Witness Old Faithful erupting. Marvel at the Grand Prismatic. Climb through a narrow slot canyon. Rappel down a cliff. Ride horses amidst towering cliffs. Hike through the hoodoos of the Queen's Garden. Gaze at the star filled sky and zipline high above the ground. Witness mud boil at the Artist's Paintpots. Cheer for cowboys at a real rodeo. Explore lava caves and sand caves. Hike above Yellowstone Falls. Whitewater raft in the Tetons.  Witness sunset at the Grand Canyon.

Oh yah... and bake challah. Kumzitz around a campfire. Swim. Barbeque. Craft. Make amazing friends. See bison up close, and a bear if we're lucky (from afar). Watch a sunrise. Sleep in a covered wagon. Marvel at Hashem's world. 

A Summer of  Adventure for Frum Girls

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