Serious hike
Serious hike

to the Timpanogos caves

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horseback riding
horseback riding

through the canyons

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Ma Rabu Maasecha
Ma Rabu Maasecha

Grand Canyon Rim

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Subject to change based on weather, activity availabilty, and unforseen circumstances

8/9 Tuesday: arrive at LAS airport, travel to Utah

8/10 Wednesday: Zion National Park

8/11 Thursday:  Bryce Canyon National Park

8/12 Friday:  Snow Canyon

8/13 Shabbos: Beautiful Shabbos on site, Perseid meteor shower

8/14 Sunday: Grand Canyon

8/15 Monday: Canyoneering

8/16 Tuesday: Travel day, ziplining

8/17 Wednesday: Yellowstone National Park

8/18 Thursday: Yellowstone National Park

8/19 Friday: local activities

8/20 Shabbos: Beautiful Shabbos on site

8/21 Sunday: Grand Teton National Park

8/22 Monday: Northern Utah, depart from SLC airport


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park features some of the most bizarre and incredible scenery you will see in your lifetime.  In addition to deep canyons and lush forests, Yellowstone hosts geologic and hydrothermal wonders such as erupting geysers, bubbling mud-pots, colorful hot springs, oddly shaped terraces and a vast underground volcano.


Grand Teton Mountains

Grand Teton National Park encompasses a large and majestic mountain range that is as beautiful as it is wild and untouched.  Its alpine terrain and pristine lakes are the home to thousands of wildlife species.  

20200810_185027 (1).jpg

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is best known for its unusual spires and rock formations called hoodoos. The multi-colored red rocks and grand natural amphitheaters make Bryce a feast for the eyes - and the soul. Bryce is known for having some of the darkest skies in the United States, with incredible nighttime stargazing opportunities. 


Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a vast park with wide-ranging terrain. From towering cliffs to slot canyons and cold rivers, Zion has something for everyone. The Mormon pioneers who settled in Zion gave it its name, recognizing that "a man can worship God among these great cathedrals as well as in any man-made church - this is Zion." And indeed, while in Zion one feels as though she is walking through Hashem's palace.

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Grand Canyon

Probably the most well-known national park of all, the Grand Canyon is mind-boggling in its scope and size. This dramatically steep and deep canyon has been carved over thousands of years by the Colorado River, exposing layer upon layer of colorful rock. Yifei Nof will tour the less frequented Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon  

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Experience large wildlife up close.  Yellowstone is one of the best locations for viewing large mammals in the US.  As a rule of thumb... if you see cars stopped at the side of the road, stop your vehicle and take a look.  Good chance there are bison, elk, bear or an equally impressive animal within view. But have no fear. Yifei Nof staff will make sure that our girls maintain a safe distance from these majestic - but wild - animals at all times.