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"There are not enough words to express the הכרת הטוב I have for all you have done. All the planning, organizing, shelping, and  sleepless nights paid off.  [My daughter] had an amazing experience. She pushed her limits, met her challenges, and grew from it. 


I loved receiving the email updates and seeing the spectacular pictures along the way. I especially loved seeing the big smile on [my daughter]'s face and hearing the smile in her voice..."


"My daughter had a wonderful time. An experience of a lifetime!"

"I knew I would connect to the stunning world Hashem created for me, and that I would grow in my Avodas Hashem to some extent, but I could never have even imagined what really occurred."

"Not only were they the best two weeks of my life, but I got to become so close with so many new people who all became like family to me! Yifei Nof was the experience of a lifetime that I will definitely never forget!!"

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this wonderful opportunity  to learn from others, learn about myself, grow in every way, see Hashem's wonders, and at the same time have a party!"


"It was a beyond incredible and amazing experience for the girls last summer!!"

"Visiting the most awe inspiring places each day, taking in all the different scenery and marvels of nature, the fun and active non stop unique adventures and activities ... You put together such a friendly group of girls from various places and an atmosphere where she was able to bond, make new everlasting friendships and learn more about others while discovering herself further. You also provided amazing accommodations, meals, shiurim and warmth from staff, nourishing their bodies and souls."

"I had the time of my life with Yifei Nof! From the traveling experiences to the learning, I gained so much from my Yifei Nof family. Get psyched for the adventure of your life!"

"Thanks again for giving our daughter an amazing, amazing time!  She was nervous before camp and took some time to get used to it and everyone. But once she got past that she didn’t want to leave!!   This was truly an experience she'll remember.  We appreciate it so much."


"Yifei Nof was such an incredible experience for me! I was looking for a fun summer program where I could be a camper, meet new people, and have an incredible camp experience. That is exactly what Yifei Nof was. It helped me grow as a person in so many different ways that still stick with me today! I made true friendships that I think will last a lifetime."

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"Now that [my daughter] has been home for a day, and I got to hear the full rundown, I want to thank you for giving the girls such an incredible experience.  [She] was bubbling over with stories to share - of new friendships, exciting adventures, stunning scenery, and memories of a lifetime." 


"I came to Yifei Nof unsure what to expect, and WOW was my mind blown! In only two weeks, I traveled to places I have never even dreamed of seeing, met new friends, and learned about the world and people around me. Yifei Nof was an experience I’ll never forget!"

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