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Yifei Nof Leadership


Mrs. Chaya Milikowsky


Chaya is an acute care nurse practitioner with years of critical care experience. She is a community resource and informal educator. She loves the outdoors and seeks opportunities for hiking, touring and appreciating Hashem's wondrous world with her family and friends. She has long dreamed of sharing this passion with frum girls everywhere. She is certified in basic and advanced life support.  

Dev Shlo E1 2200-80-3793.JPEG

Mrs. Devorah Buxbaum

Head Counselor

Devorah has been bringing her passion and warmth to Jewish education, outreach, and community work for decades. Born and raised in Denver, CO, Devorah brings over 20 years of camp leadership experience combined with an extreme love for the outdoors. She is warm and non-judgmental and embraces all whom she comes in contact with with her infectious smile. Devorah makes it her priority to add  positivity and joy to all those around her. A social worker by trade, Devorah has been working in Jewish communal work for the past decade, currently running the LEV Experience, a Greater-Washington DC based outreach organization that engages hundreds of Jews, empowering them to live a most fulfilled Jewish life. 

We receive dozens of staff inquiries every year... while we only have a few very spots available for staff, we'd love to learn more about you so that we can consider you should we have the need for additional staff members. 

A Summer of  Adventure for Frum Girls

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