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You asked for it...

The Alumni Road Trip!

You know what we're all about. You loved your Yifei Nof experience, and you wish you could do it again. You made amazing friendships and want to renew them. You saw a little hint of Hashem's wonderous world, and you can't wait to see more. You pushed beyond your comfort zone, and it felt so good! You learned about yourself, about others, and you want to deepen this understanding. 

We hear you. We want the very same things! And so, we've created... the Alumni Road Trip!


Alumni Road Trip 2023

Who: Yifei Nof alumni only

Where: California, south and north

When: June 26th - July 6th 2023

How much: $2500

Alumni Trip 2024

Who: Yifei Nof alumni only

Where: Eastern Utah and Colorado

When: August 2024, dates TBD

How much: $2500


What are you waiting for?

Click on the link below to access the application form.  No interview, no references... we know you and we love you already!

Space may be limited

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